Envelope Guestbook

I started trying to think of a way to combine two Martha Stewart Ideas that I loved for our guestbook.  The first is an envelope guestbook.  She used various envelopes affixed inside in a strap-hinged scrapbook.  A second idea she had was to transform an unlined journal into a custom made guestbook creation. So.... here we go...

Oh... you can find the templates I used here:  Envelope Templates
I used 12x12 Sheets of Scrapbook paper and since I have 6 designs, I was able to fit 3 to a sheet.  I sized them to be about a 3x4 envelope when folded and closed.

I decided to use a KOLO Album for this (I originally wanted to use a Journal, but then I had technical difficulties with it).  it's an 11 x 14 Album.  I chose this because it is a postbound album (so I can add pages) AND it was not encased in the protective sheets.  The sheets in this album are acid free paper only, it wouldn't work otherwise.