As promised, here are some how-to's of my Photobooth Frame.

I went to my local hardware store (Home Depot) to buy the 1" PVC pipe and had them cut it more or less according to the diagram below.  This ran about $2 for 10' of material and I got 9 pieces.
I bought the "joint" pieces from DP's Bargain Basement.
You will need 8 pieces of the 3-way connector and 4 pieces of the 4-way connector (see below).  Some people were able to find these pieces at their local hardware store, but mine didn't have it.  This is evidently used for furniture?  No clue, but that's what the description says.  I didn't do too much research on these, so you might be able to find it cheaper in your local area.

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Photobooth Curtains

So this part gets pretty complicated.  Basically I went to IKEA and bought the Davala sheets (the cheapest) in various sizes in black.  I use 2 twins to make the front section, 1 queen to make one of the sides (since the other side is pink), and 1 full to ruffle the back with a straight backdrop.  For the inside lining pieces I bought the 1.99 Twin size sheets that were on clearance at IKEA in white (actually it's more like off-white), but it was cheap.  Here's how it turned out.

Photobooth Props

I decided to make some props to go along with my photobooth.  I just used my Cricut to make most of them.  And the mustaches I used the instructions here:

For the colored lips and mustaches, I got my inspiration here:
I thought theirs were super cute!  But I'm on a budget and $30+ for the set was beyond my budget bounds.  So I made something similar with my Cricut.

FI had the idea of doing the "I'm with" arrow, so I obliged.  I will add some other real props like hats, boas, and things so I'll keep an eye out for those.